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29.01.2018Einweihung unserers neuen Firmengebäudes

Am 19.01.2018 feierten wir mit 280 geladenen Gästen die Einweihung unseres neuen Firmengebäudes in Asslar.
On January 19th, 2018 we celebrated with 280 guests the grand opening of our new company building.

Eröffnet wurde die Feier mit einem Zeitraffer Film, welcher den Bau seit dem Spatenstich Anfang April 2017 zeigte. Die Geschäftsleitung, Dr. Michael Schlapp, Alexander Vila Wagner und Heike Jonzeck begrüßten im Anschluss alle Gäste und bedankten sich für ihr Kommen. Julia Nestle, Moderatorin bei Hit Radio FFH, führte von nun an durch das etwa 1-stündige Programm. Es wurde über die Firmenanfänge berichtet und darüber gesprochen, wie CRS medical sich seit der Gründung 2004 zu einem international agierenden Unternehmen entwickelt hat. Heute zählen wir ca. 125 Mitarbeiter und bieten in mittlerweile über 80 Ländern Service-, Daten- und Produktlösungen im medizintechnischen Sektor.

Wir bedanken uns an bei allen die diesen Tag mit uns gefeiert haben.
We would like to thank everyone who celebrated on this day with us.

28.08.2017NEW Wall Mount System for the MEDIANA D500

- Low installation depth

Adapter plate:

- additional stability when using the defi
- additional protection for the defi and softbag

- Easy closing mechanism

- Designed for MEDIANA D500 + softbag

- Dynamically tested according to DIN EN 1789

24.05.2017NEW Wall Mount System for Physio-Control LIFEPAK® 15

- Automatic power connection
- Modular system
- Easy closing mechanism
- Dynamically tested according to DIN EN 1789

Designed for:
Physio-Control LIFEPAK® 15 + softbag

20.04.2017Rail Mount for ZOLL X Series® will be available soon

- Fastens to all standard rails

- Adapter suitable for complete CRX family

- Super lightweight and robust

- Flexible handle for easy unlocking

- 10G tested (dynamic)

10.04.2017Happy Easter

We wish you a happy Easter and sunny holidays.

02.01.2017Wall Mount for the ZOLL AED 3(TM) will be available soon

Bracket AED3Bracket AED3Bracket AED3Bracket AED3

The Bracket AED 3 is strictly intended for the ZOLL AED 3(TM) automatic external defibrillator. This system secures the ZOLL AED 3(TM) in EMS ground vehicles during transport. Dynamically tested to 10G and CE marked, this bracket is solely intended to function in conbination with the Zoll AED 3(TM) original softbag.

14.12.2016Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

This year, like every year, we are donating money to the
"Peiper Ward" of the Giessen University Hospital
(Lymphoma Cancer Research Center for Children and Teens)
and to the Outpatient Childrens Hospice Giessen to support
children with incurable diseases.

We would like to thank you for all of your cooperative efforts in 2016,
and wish you a happy and successful 2017.

22.06.2016Special Product Announcement

CRS medical recently developed a new Stryker® bracket system for the Zoll X-Series®. The modular drawer design provides a safe and secure means of operating the Zoll X-Series® during transport inside and outside EMS vehicles. The Stryker® bracket has the option for a powered connection while in an EMS vehicle or when inside a hospital. The Stryker® bracket system is dynamically tested to 10g under DIN-1789.

04.04.2016PocketCPR® is now Available


PocketCPR® is a lifesaving helper during a medical emergency. It provides Real CPR Help® in real-time while conducting chest compressions. The PocketCPR® provides verbal feedback on the rate and depth of chest compressions instructing the user to provide high-quality, consistant CPR. With proper use the PocketCPR® allows nearly anyone to deliver high-quality life saving CPR increasing the patient's chances to full recovery.

Available in 4 languages: German, English, Spanish, and Italian.

13.01.2016NEW ECG MediClip X-Series®

ECG MediClip X-Series® is used to connect a 12 lead ECG input jack with adhesive electrodes exclusively for the Zoll X-Series®.

27.10.2015SpO2 PigTail for ZOLL X-Series defibrillator

The extension cables are designed to displace SpO2 connector into a side pocket. The PigTail is applicable for ZOLL X Series®.

24.09.2015AED Guard - Device monitoring with emergency alerting

AED Guard monitors AED devices in a building or at public places and send out alerts when the device has been removed from the cabinet.
Since many years, AED devices help to increase the chance to survive a cardiac arrest substantially.
In order to assure a professional further treatment of the patient in case of such an emergency. It is a big advantage to automatically send an alarm message as soon as the AED device has been removed from his bracket.
In addition, AED Guard can also serve as a monitoring system with alarm functionality for anti-theft security in larger buildings or at public places.

The AED Guard monitoring panel can be accessed via web browser from every computer with Internet access. It immediately shows the status of all monitored devices and offers the ability to configure alarm messages.

04.09.2015Trainer adapter for ZOLL AED's to training manikin including new snaps

Trainer Adapter

The Trainer adapter is compatible with ZOLL AED Plus and Pro Series for using with Laerdal and Ambu brand training manikin.

10.08.2015Our Super Charged Summer is on!

We are offering our PowerDrive Plus (P/N 2104733003)
for a very special price in a package during the period of
1st - August 31st 2015:

OFFER 1) PowerDrive Plus and Single Charger: 313,00 € Power Package!
Savings of 203,00 €

For 313,00 € you get both a PowerDrive Plus and a CRS Single Charger saving you 203,00 € off our regular packaged price of 516,00 €
Offer includes: 1 PowerDrive Plus P/N 2104733003 and 1 Single Charger P/N 2103733001

OFFER 2) Buy 3 PowerDrive Plus and Receive 1 FREE: 300,00 € (each) Power Package!
Savings of 480,00 €

For 900,00 € (3 units) you receive an additional PowerDrive Plus for FREE saving you 480,00 € off our regular price for 4 PowerDrive Plus of 1.380,00 € (345,00 € each).
Offer includes: 4 PowerDrive Plus P/N 2104733003

OFFER 3) POWER COMBO: Combine both offers and receive savings of 683,00 €! You receive: 5 PowerDrive Plus and 1 Single Charger for only 1.213,00 €

We are looking forward to receiving your orders.

-All articles are available from stock right now-

28.07.2015RescueNet© AmbulancePad: Siegen Emergency Services now rely on electronic data management software

As of July, 1st, 2015 Siegen emergency services rely on the electronic reporting services of RescueNet © AmbulancePad. The location-based emergency services of the Siegen fire department, the German Red Cross and the Malteser had previously relied on the traditional method of using pen and paper to record and capture all of their data. Today they have streamlined their data management using state-of-the-art RescueNet© AmbulancePad software.
CRS medical congratulates the Siegen colleagues and looks forward to future cooperation.

22.06.2015Softbag for ZOLL X-Series with paddle wells as accessory shortly available

The Softbag with paddle wells for ZOLL X Series we have developed cover niches, and help safe, trouble-free use for ZOLL X Series® defibrillator.

21.05.2015ECG PigTail for ZOLL X-Series defibrillator

The extension cables are designed to displace ECG connector into a side pocket. The PigTail is applicable for ZOLL X Series®.

19.02.2015ECG extension cable for ZOLL X-Series defibrillator shortly available

This Extension Cable is exclusively determined for installation into wall or ceiling of an ambulance. It enables direct connection of a ECG cable from defibrillator to patient.

08.01.2015NEW Softbag for ZOLL Propaq M defibrillator as accessory available

The Softbag for ZOLL Propaq M we have developed cover niches, and help safe, trouble-free use for ZOLL Propaq M defibrillator.

03.06.2014Blue Softbag for ZOLL X-Series as accessory shortly available

The blue Softbag for ZOLL X-Serie we have developed cover niches, and help safe, trouble-free use for ZOLL X-Series defibrillator.

23.04.2014PowerDrive Plus AKTION

We are offering our PowerDrive Plus (P/N 2104733003)
for a very special price in a package during the period of
April 8 to April 30, 2014:

package of 10 units for 2.390,00 € (plus VAT)
package of 25 units for 5.375,00 € (plus VAT)

Please note that prices listed above are valid only for written orders
sent to us before April 30, 2014.

We are looking forward to receiving your orders.

-All articles are available from stock right now-

17.04.2014Happy Easter

We wish all of you Happy Easter and Seasons Greetings.

Your Team from Crs medical GmbH

12.02.2014NEW Softbag G

The new soft bag for the G3 pulse oximeter of Goldway / Philips is made of a washable fabric and dirt-resistant.

10.01.2014NEW AutoPulse Carry Sheet

Can bee used as transporting bag for the AutoPulse, Backpack, as well as a carry sheet for patients who are resuscitated on AutoPulse.

01.10.2013Webshop now available!!!

Now our new Webshop is available for you. You are invited to comb through all our products.

13.08.2013CRS medical Webshop

Currently we are working on our Webshop to make it easyer for you to order products.

28.05.2013Do you know our COTEK Inverter?

The easy way to connect a 230V AC power supply with 12V DC main uit.
For more Information please klick on the link below.

05.03.2013New CarKit for Power Charger available

With the new CarKit the PowerCharger and inserted batteries can be fixed and loaded in cars.

11.01.2013System bracket for the Toughbook CF-H2 of Panasonic is available

Since bgeinning of the year a system bracket for the Toughbook CF-H2 of Panasonic is available. A DC/DC converter to be used in cars is availble as well for the power supply of the bracket; the Toughbook is supplied by the cradle of the bracket

09.11.2012 Just in time for MEDICA 2012 - desk top solution CRX

Like the wall mount system, the desk top mount bracket CRX is available with or without power connection.

12.10.2012Shoulder strap for ZOLL X-Series defibrillator as accessory shortly available

The strap is clipped into two snap hooks, being fixed with a belt and two screws on the rear side upper end of the X-Seri

03.09.2012New CRS Bracket for X Series

Having successfully done CE certification, the bracket CRX for ZOLL X-Series defibrillators is available from stock.
Wall mount bracket CRX is available with or without power connetor and softbag X-Series EU is available from stock as well.

26.06.2012CRS named worldwide exclusive distributor by MAGUIRE, renowned US manufacturer of interconnection cables

Cables of MAGUIRE are used to interconnect defibrillators and monitors of different brands. MAGUIRE is the manufacturer of cables with plugs or sockets for all kinds of connectors used in different devices. CRS provided CE mark for the products and markets and sells these cables all around the world (except the geographic area of US and Canada).

12.06.2012Für den schlimmsten Fall gerüstet: HSG und RSV Lahn-Dill erhalten kompakten Lebensretter

CRS medical aus Asslar überreicht automatisierten, externen Defibrillator (AED)

Im Rahmen des Hessentags 2012 in Wetzlar wurde den beiden hochklassigen Sportvereinen der Stadt, dem RSV Lahn-Dill und der HSG Wetzlar, von der Firma CRS medical GmbH ein ganz besonderes und überaus wichtiges Geschenk überreicht. Am gemeinsamen Stand der Rollstuhlbasketballer und der Handballer im Licher Biergarten händigte Geschäftsführer Dr. Michael Schlapp Vertretern beider Clubs je ein automatisierter, externer Defibrillator (AED) aus.

Erfahren Sie mehr indem Sie auf unseren Link klicken.

25.05.2012New developped bracket for ZOLL X-Series introduced during RETTMOBIL in Fulda

The new developped bracket for ZOLL X-Series defibs attracted a lot of interest from visitors during its presentation in Rettmobil exhibition in Fulda. Especially the modular concept with or without power supply is very promising

11.05.2012Don´t forget the Rettmobil in Fulda (Germany)

In this year the 12th "Rettmobil" takes again place in Fulda from 9th to 11th May 2012.
Opening hours: 9am - 5pm
A visit will be worth it.

05.03.2012CRS medical partners with the Austrian Red Cross (ÖRK) in implementing an ePCR System (electronic Patient Care Report) for the state of Vorarlberg

We are very glad to be the active partner in the project for the state wide implementation of an ePCR system known as „Ambulance Pad“. The project is headed by the National Association oft he Red Cross in Vorarlberg. Target is to have the system in operation throughout the state by summer of this year. CRS medical is leading the project for the implementation of the specially adopted software as well as providing the required mobile hardware.

02.02.2012Wall Mount System for ZOLL X-Series

This bracket manufactured by FERNO AVIATION has been tested by CRS following DIN EN 1789 and is CE certified

23.11.2011Official Launch of STEMI Mnagement System Rescuenet medgate in CHINA

After a very successful test period,
Rescuenet medgate will be officially launched in China
November 18th, during a ZOLL Business Partner Meeting held
in Shanghai November 18th trough 20th.

10.11.2011Equipment for EMS Service in Croatia:

Within the last couple of month the newly organised EMS Service in Croatia
with a total of 128 EMS vehicles has been equipped with Monting Solutions (Brackets
and SoftBags for professional Defibrillators) and Battery Chargers by CRS medical.
We are very proud to have been chosen as partners for such an important project.

27.10.2011EMS at Formula 1 Race in India using Rescuenet Medgate

This coming Sunday (Oct. 30th) the first ever Formula 1 Race will take place in New Delhi, India.
The brand new race course includes a medical center, equipped with 11 ZOLL E Series Defibrillators/Monitors.
To ensure an optimal medical support, a Rescuenet medgate Server as state-of-the-art STEMI Management System
has been installed to transmit 12-lead ECG and Vital Signs directly from the site of EMS operation.
We are very proud that CRS medical technology is used at an event with such international coverage and look forward to the race.

26.05.2011NEW Bedconnectors

To fix defibrillator on stretcher
or on bed during transportation

18.04.2011SALE!!we are selling out our brackets for ZOLL M-series defibrillators

We are selling out our brackets for ZOLL M-series defibrillators,
please ask for special discounts for models 230V / 12V / without power and NIBP.

21.06.2009All newsletters at a glance

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